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Latin America Payroll

Streamline Operations, Reduce Complexity.

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Peo services

Compliance, Flexibility, Reduced Overhead.

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HR Technology

Multi-Country, Multi-Language, One Platform.

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Multi-Country, Multi-Language, One Platform.

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How We Serve You Payroll Outsourcing Companies

ITOS is an international business alliance of service companies offering fully integrated human resources and payroll solutions that promote collaboration, connectivity and communication throughout an organization. We serve a variety of multinationals from all over the world in a wide range of industries. Our in country experts ensure your operations are compliant in each country so you can focus on growing the business.


One source
One contact

Single Source

Single Source

One stop for all your Latin American needs.

Workflow Driven

Greater efficiency yields better reliability.

Ensured Compliance

Payroll experts for each country we serve.

Trusted Client Relationships

We care for your team like our own.

Multi Lingual Support Teams

Trained to support your needs.

Standardization & Simplification

Consistent processes across all Latin America.



Latin America Payroll‚Äč
  • Tax remitting and filing.
  • Consistant payroll process across countries
  • Direct deposit in local currency
  • Online expense reimbursement
PEO Services
  • Expand without an entity
  • Ensure your team is compliant
  • One platform for all your countries
  • One invoice for multiple countries
HR Technology
  • One invoice for multiple countries
  • Standalone online payslips available
  • Local language
  • Full online workforce management
  • LATAM payroll strategy
  • Requirements and roadmap building
  • Regional payroll implementation
  • Country specific guidance and advice
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