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About Us ITOS
Our Core Values

Description about how they do what they do


We are friends with many diverse cultures.


Our contributions and results are due to our ability to exercise our own best judgement.

Trust & Loyalty

We strive to earn trust, respect and loyalty of all stakeholders in all our interactions.


We strive to provide extraordinary achievements.

Leave a Mark

We each have the ability to positively impact our world.

Our Story

Our Founder worked for a number of years in the United States for multiple companies providing various global business services. Building upon these experiences, he returned to his native Colombia to develop what we now know as ITOS.

While ITOS is an acronym for ‘International Technology Outsourcing Solutions’, it is also a derivative from a Spanish word ‘Hitos’ meaning milestones. Each year as we build upon the previous year creating new milestones for the company, we seek to fulfill our vision of creating bridges between Latin America and the world. In providing these connections and strengthening the relationships between diverse cultures, we seek to make our mark.

Our team is spread across 7 countries in Latin America with offices in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. We provides solutions to multinationals from a variety of industries including financial, oil & gas, software, real estate, raw materials, services, energy, utilities, and communications.

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your business. Please contact us today with your questions about Latin America’s opportunities!

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