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Latin America Payroll

Payroll Latam

Streamline Operations, Reduce Complexity.

We offer services in both expatriate and payrolls providing multinationals the assurance that they have a trusted advisor on the ground following compliance with each government. Payroll Management Assistance

Multi-Country Payroll Challenges
Payroll Management Assistance

Compliance and Delivery

Ground experts in each of the countries we serve to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

Consolidation and Management

We provide a single multi-lingual account manager to handle all your needs.

Payment in Multiple Currencies

We deliver a consolidated report so you can pay only one invoice for multiple country payrolls.

Integration with HRIS

We integrate with your HRIS platform to improve accuracy and simplify reporting.

Latin America Payroll Services
Payroll Management Assistance

Payroll calculations across 20 countries.

Tax and social security deductions and advice.

Gross to net and net to gross calculations.

Payslips for all employees including year-end documentation.

Payment of net pay into employees’ bank accounts.

Filing and payment of social security and and tax payments to governments.

Employer wage tax return reports and submissions.

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