Payroll Solutions

Payroll Outsourcing

ITOS delivers localized payroll services with unique processes and methodologies under the same platform. We manage your payrolls under four key principles: Timeliness, Accuracy, Efficiency and Compliance.

ITOS delivers payroll through Local Service teams, who speak your language, understand local legislation, work your hours and are sensitive to your business culture

We partner with multinationals, International payroll providers and HR business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. Our best practices, unique web based technology, proven methodologies and practical approaches allow us to deliver a positive HR administration and payroll experience in a multi-country, multi-language and multi-culture environment.

Our differentiators

  • We’re consultants. Consultants who deliver HR management and payroll solutions.
  • We’re a team of project managers, account managers and HRIS specialists who are experts in payroll workflow management.
  • We build trusted client partnerships with the ultimate goal of increasing visibility, productivity and reducing costs efficiently and reliably.
  • We facilitate HR access and global performance.

Payroll Business Applications

ITOS offers an international Payroll Platform as a Service (P-PaaS) to consolidate and deliver multi country payroll reporting services thorough a single web based application.

  • As a web-based product, end users will be able to use P-Paas from any location
  • Day-to-day payroll processes and workflows can be easily automated, altered and streamlined
  • Create reports over any time period, any payroll in any reporting currency
  • The data exchange management console facilitates the system integration with other payroll and or financial systems
  • Security in P-PaaS is completely role-based allowing administrators to control and audit user access to every part of the system


ITOS offers a Global web based Payslip service that allows payroll data import and layout display for any country, from any provider if your payroll is outsourced and with all the statutory pay data. Employees will have instant access to their current and historical payslips via self-service.

  • Country Specific Configuration
  • Rapid deployment
  • Local Language
  • Ease of use
  • Corporate branding

Payroll consulting

ITOS can offer high value consulting in the field of payroll strategy and execution for the LAC region. From the initial definition of the strategy to the building the requirement and roadmap, to final regional payroll implementation, ITOS can provide guidance and resources to help with these projects.